What Does It Mean When You Say You’re Going To Rebuild My Regulator In The Field?

It means just that. We will be rebuilding your OEM power window regulator onsite, at your location or in our shop. If we do not currently have an OEM rebuilt regulator for your vehicle in stock, the repair will be applied directly to your OEM window regulator.

The repair is exactly the same, it’s on the location where the repair is applied that changes!

Why Isn’t My Repair $99? I Thought You Did Everything For $99.

All of our repairs start at $99 and then go up based on the cost and difficulty of the repair. Some of our regulator repairs in the shop are $99, but then some could be $129, $149, etc. Of course, European and speciality vehicles will cost more due to the time. Our most expensive repair is $599 and that applies to a dealer only repair that would normally cost $1800.00. That tells you that we keep it real!

You will also find that many of our labor prices on repairs are $99. On vehicles with certain types of window regulator mechanisms you may see that rate go up to $129 or $149 simply because of the risk and difficulty of dealing with that particular window regulator.

Our rates are based on what it costs Power Window Repair to provide your repair and are not based on a book with standard hours that  dictate that standard hours that it takes to repair a vehicle. Our build and install technicians are experts in their field, therefore there is nothing standard about what we do. Our rates cannot be compared directly to the rates of another shop or dealer, nor can our warranty. We offer a solid 1-year warranty on parts and labor! Who does that anymore? NOBODY!

Power Window Repair strives to provide the absolute best repair at the most affordable price, but we want to make sure that we’re in business the next time that you need us. It may be necessary to raise prices from time to time based on our costs, but don’t panic! We’ve had two increases in 4 years and we weren’t happy about it either. In fact, we’ve lowered more prices than we’ve raised in the past 12 months. Who does that? POWER WINDOW REPAIR DOES!

Why Does My Repair Need To Come To The Shop Instead Of Being Done Mobile?

While most vehicles can be done by mobile service, there are vehicles and repairs that fall outside that mobile service model and must be done in the shop. This can be required for a variety of reasons including the vehicle type, difficulty of the repair, age of the vehicle or if we do not have an OEM replacement window regulator in stock.

We make repairs in the shop pretty painless, by making you comfortable inside our shop or out on the back patio. Repairs in the shop can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours depending on your vehicle. Speak to your diagnostic technician about dropping your car off if waiting will not be convenient.


What is a Core Charge?

At Power Window Repair we ONLY repair OEM power window regulators. These are the power window regulators that your car drove off the line with or a replacement mechanism that was sold and purchased at a dealer.

When an aftermarket power window regulator is present in a consumer’s door, there is nothing that we can do with it, short of throwing it in the trash. The inferior way by which is was created makes it an non-rebuildable core. When this happens a Core Charge is assessed and we will install quality and reliability back in your door with one of our rebuilt OEM power window regulators. The Core Charge is to offset the cost of our replacing the OEM we lose from our inventory.

It is important to note that we have seen OEM cores deemed non-rebuildable due to use beyond the time when it started breaking. Please do not use your power window when you know that it’s not working properly. It could cost you more in the long run.

How long has Power Window Repair been around? What’s The History Behind PWR?

After designing this proprietary repair for his own vehicles, Paul Nagy founded Power Window Repair in Phoenix, Arizona in January of 2009. Since then, we have designed hundreds of cable window regulator and motor repairs, as well as adding power door locks and other door accessory repairs.

In 2012 is when Power Window Repair really started to see rapid growth. Additional build and install technicians were hired, as well as a full-time diagnostic technician to take pressure off Paul. A new vehicle was put on the road that year and both vehicles were wrapped in our trademark colors, logo and telephone number.

In 2013 Power Window Repair added to the team again, by welcoming additional administrative and managerial staff to shape up the ship! This is when Power Window Repair really started to take shape as a powerful business in Phoenix.

2014 proved to be a very busy year for Power Window Repair and our team. Nearly doubling the number of customers serviced, it was then that repeat customers and direct referrals became PWR’s number two source of customers, right behind Google. It was also when Power Window Repair realized just how many people in Phoenix still did not know that Power Window Repair existed and that there was an affordable company they could trust that specialized just in power window regulators and power window repairs.

In 2015 Power Window Repair intends to reach out to more Phoenix consumers directly through Facebook, other social media sources and our current customer base. Now servicing 16-20 Phoenix area customers daily, Power Window Repair has become the go-to source for 5-Star Service and affordable prices! With monthly VIP Savings campaigns for current customers and a fresh new look and website, Power Window Repair is poised to be the #1 power window repair source in the nation. We already receive and ship 10-15 regulators from out of state monthly! Our new location is also expected to be ready for move in some time in 2015. Join us on Facebook and we’ll keep you updated on our progress and everything else Power Window Repair!


I Thought Your Mobile Service Was Free. Why Am I Being Charged?

Although we provide free mobile service to a large portion of the Valley, we absolutely have to have boundaries to make sure we help all our customers in a timely manner When we travel outside our service area, we not only use more fuel, but get less jobs done during the day.

Most customers who live outside our free mobile service area, working inside it, or have access to an area where we can have a technician meet for a repair. Most of our mobile repairs can be completed in less than 30 minutes. We sure to ask your diagnostic technician about your alternatives when scheduling your repair.


Why Does My Car Need To Come To The Shop For Warranty Service?

We apologize that you’re having difficulty with your repair during your 1-yr warranty period and promise to resolve your issue promptly. Repairs completed under warranty do not include mobile service and for very good reasons.

Regulator Repairs Under Warranty

All of our OEM power window regulator repairs are designed and engineered to be a more permanent solution than replacement parts. We can’t guarantee they’ll last forever, but we certainly intended for the repair to last as long as you have the car. If you’re having trouble in the first 12-months, we need to have a “personal chat with your car”. That’s our funny way of saying that we want our master mechanic to inspect the mechanism, inspect the door, diagnose what went wrong and reverse it for you.

The fact of the matter is that we have a complete shop, with all the tools and parts we may need to correct the problem with your repair. We don’t want to see you have another problem any more than you want to come see us again!

Part Installation Under Warranty

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, replacement parts aren’t what they used to be. Whether it’s a power window regulator, power window motor or power window switche, we see problems with replacement parts. It’s all dependent on what was going on at the manufacturer on a particular day. One lot from a manufacturer might be bad, but the next may be perfect. From what we see, there is very little quality control in the automotive replacement part market these days.

Our Promise To You

We promise to provide you with the best quality replacement part at the most economical price. If that part fails under warranty, we will attempt to find another manufacturer of that part or another lot to replace it from. There’s always a solution and Power Window Repair is the team to find it!

Warranty service is generally quick and painless. We’ll make you comfortable in our shop or you can hang out and see what went wrong with your repair. Just call one of our friendly diagnostic technicians to schedule your warranty work in our shop.

Automobile Power Windows And The Budget Breaking Cost Of Repairs

Well hello there! If you’ve made it here then you too have had power window problems! I’m sorry. I really am. I know you’re sad, but read on, there is an alternative…

If you own a modern vehicle and you’ve ever needed a power window repair, you’ve probably already experienced the sticker shock of dealer and standard repair shop quotes! Wowza! Most shops quote between $300-1200 for a repair, depending on the vehicle and what’s wrong with the window system. What are they crazy? As I wondered who designed these things, it occurred to me that they were very bright engineers, indeed. These things give the term “wear and tear” new meaning.

My customers want to know why. Why do they fail? Why do they put plastic in power windows? Why do they use cheap plastic? Why isn’t there a recall? I have to giggle, but I’m just trying to lighten the mood. After all, they are about to shell out cash to have their window repaired, even if it is less than what they were quoted elsewhere. First of all, if the fault or design flaw, intended or not, doesn’t propel you into a river or off a bridge, cause the car to catch fire or operate improperly, it’s not getting recalled. Let’s be realistic here. These are covered by very few warranties for a reason. They are designed to break.

The bottom-line is that they want them to fail. As consumers, we demanded better engines, better transmissions, better fuel economy, better safety features. We NEVER said anything about power windows, power door locks or window switches. Most modern power window regulators are cable action. There are usually 1 or 2 tracks that the glass carriers and glass attach to and then the cable is drawn by the power window motor across plastic pulley wheels and fairleads. Plastic. Okay, in a normal climate consumers have trouble with these things, but we live in Arizona. In Phoenix, we live on the face of the sun! We pray for rain for Pete’s sake! When it’s 110 degrees outside, you know it’s 180+ degrees inside those metal doors. If that plastic is rated for 86 degrees, what does that mean for us? The power window regulator “boomerang” effect!

Just to review, in most cases you have to pay a ridiculous amount money for the repair AND replacement parts stink! I know it’s not what you want to hear, but we found a solution. A repair so good that we can put a 1-year warranty on it. A repair so strong that it’s intention was to be a more permanent solution. Keep reading. If you live in Phoenix Arizona or you live in another state and have expensive parts that need replacing, you’re going to love this.

We repair the OEM regulator so that it can’t break again and we do it for 40-70% of what other dealers and shops charge.


The founder of our company engineered designed a stainless steel repair that strengthens and fortifies the regulator in the areas we know to be weak and most likely to break. We serviced 4,000 power windows a year over the last 2, so I can say with confidence that we know what’s up with these things. We’ve even gone so far as to engineer custom-fabricated metal spring tensioners to replace the nasty plastic ones found in power window regulators today. If an engineer can design a window regulator so it can break, an engineer can design a repair that reverses that. Voila! Power Window Repair was born in 2009!


Power Window Repair grew by integrating with local dealers and wholesalers and then started reaching out the public shortly thereafter. While we still have wonderful relationships with the dealers here in town, we find ourselves enjoying the day to day connection with our personal customers even more. Shoot – by the time you’ve had 4 windows done, we know your kids names, your dogs names and have probably invited your to a customer appreciation BBQ! We send out a monthly savings email to VIP customers just to make sure that they catch a break when that window does the famous “pop and drop”.

BUYER BEWARE! Check references before you hire anyone to work on your car! We send people to Yelp all the time because we want them to have confidence in their decision to use our service and we know it’s important to do your research before spending your money. The only reason I bring this up is that we recently found that of our ex-employees has been trying to copy our repair and start his own business here in town. Not that we’re against free enterprise, but this guy helped Paul build Power Window Repair here in Phoenix and is now trying to compete with us in our own backyard. We knew he had gone to Portland, but all of a sudden his best friend was showing up as the owner of our newest competitor and worse yet, plagiarized our website, word for word!

GET THIS! We had a customer call for a quote and she chose the other company, even though we warned her about who she was dealing with. The next morning, we got a call that she needed help. She needed more help than she knew. The panel was broken and everything was torn apart. He came out to do the repair and then left everything a mess when he couldn’t fix it. The repair took us 30 minutes and the panel repair took another 30 as the epoxy dried. That customer was thrilled that we were able to save the day, but what a waste of time for her to have to do it twice and because someone had already been in that door before us, we wanted it to come to the shop.

Don’t be fooled by imitations. Power Window Repair is Power Window Repair. We never have been, nor will be ever be associated with any other power window repair company. Do your research on Power Window Repair and then call to compare!

Why Does My Vehicle Require That You Remove The Outer Skin Of The Door To Get To The Window Regulator?

It’s almost laughable, we know! A design that actually requires you to practically disassemble the entire door in order to get to the power window regulator. It’s downright foolish. Or is it? It might just be the most brilliant joke automotive manufacturers have played on standard shop mechanics in years!

It all began with the Saturn S Series vehicles. Hundreds of mechanics were left to backtrack and explain to customers why they couldn’t repair their vehicle when they’d already quoted the repairs and had them bring them into the shop. Often times, it wasn’t until after they had already removed the inner panel that they realized their plight! This was a “Dealer Only” repair, meaning only the dealer knows how to get in and out of the door!

This practice has returned in some of the 2006 to Current Volkswagen models, such as the Volkswagen Jetta and Volkswagen Passat, once again wreaking havoc on the standard repair shops, cutting them out of this part of the European power window repair market.

The good news is that anything considered to be a “dealer only” repair only motivates our team to make sure that our customers don’t end up at the dealer uh “stealership”. Our technicians are skilled at removing the outer skin of these vehicles and rebuilding the OEM power window regulator mechanisms with our proprietary repair and custom-fabricated metal parts. There is additional cost involved in the labor of this process and the repair must be done in our shop, but we offer our customers a 5-star repair at a price that’s much more affordable than any other repair facility!


OEM Power Window Regulators VS. Aftermarket Power Window Regulators. What’s the difference?

If we had a time-machine, we’d be able to visit the era of reliable auto parts and cars that drove forever on an oil change and clean transmission fluid. Just as those days are over, so are the days when an aftermarket window regulator matched OEM quality, but the bad news doesn’t stop there. OEM regulators, despite their often ridiculous price, aren’t built much better. While not the same quality as the original in the door, the newer OEM metal, plastic and build quality will be higher than an inexpensive aftermarket window regulator.

Regardless of who manufactured the new window regulator, it won’t be the same quality that your car drove off the line with AND it will be more expensive. The likeliness of most new regulators lasting 18 months is slim to none. This is precisely why we try to rebuild as many window regulators as we can. Our Power Window Repair technicians do wild things to strengthen and rebuild window regulators, but there are limitations to what we can fix.

MetalParts-tile4Power Window Repair is famous for repairing OEM regulators so they don’t break again!

Our proprietary repair and custom-fabricated metal parts strengthen the window regulator in the areas our technicians know them to be weak. Often times, we can save a customer 40-70% off standard repair rates using this process.

If there’s an aftermarket in the door or the OEM has been destroyed beyond repair, something else must be done. We have most OEM regulators rebuilt and in stock, and in those cases, we can simply charge for the OEM rebuilt core and solve the problem. In the cases where we don’t, we’ll need to price a new part for you.

If the price is right, a new OEM regulator is preferable. While not the exactly the same as the original, the metal, plastic and build will be higher. We’ll strengthen it before it goes in the door to make sure you have years of worry-free use ahead of you. If an aftermarket part is absolutely necessary, we’ll make sure that the we find you the best quality at the best price. We can strengthen an aftermarket part also, but we only guarantee that it will last longer than if we didn’t. For this reason, we offer a full 1-year warranty on parts and labor, whether it’s a new or aftermarket window regulator that’s used.