Why Is My Power Window Running So Slow?

Why is my power window running so slowly?

Ah hah! A power window running slowly often means the power window lift motor is failing.

At Power Window Repair, we use our knowledge of vehicles and what’s in the door to diagnose our customers’ power window problems.  While the window regulator is usually to blame when a power window fails, we hear plenty of “power window running slow” complaints.

Depending on the model and year of your vehicle, you can expect to spend between $60.00-$660.00 to replace your window lift motor in your power window system. We know this is a wide range, but we are telling you, if you call a traditional repair facility or dealership, you are going to hear quotes that will knock your socks off!

A power window running slowly does NOT have to break your budget or destroy your vacation plans! At Power Window Repair, we approach our pricing with integrity and resolve to change the power window industry and its outrageous costs. After all, it’s not an engine motor, it’s only a power window motor!

If you’ve been quoted ridiculous rates and are in need of an affordable power window repair, please call us at (480) 570-5116 for a free diagnosis and quote. Our friendly diagnostic techs will quickly diagnose your problem and get you a quote you can count on. If your motor is too expensive, please ask if it can be rebuilt. Many Toyota, Infiniti, Nissan and Mazda motors can be rebuilt to save you money!

Window Regulator and Window Lift Motor. What’s the difference?

Window Regulator and Window Lift Motor. What’s the difference?

The difference is how much money will be left in your wallet when you’ve paid for your repair!

We often hear them referred to as the window regulator and window lift motor assembly, but they are two different parts and have two different functions. Most repair facilities will install the window regulator and window lift motor assembly only because they either don’t know how to tension the regulator once the motor has been applied or they don’t want to deal with the hassle. This will cost you more money if you don’t know the difference.

window regulatorThe window regulator is the only non-power part of the power window system. There are many types of regulators depending on the vehicle you own. Those types include scissor action, cable action, and drive-shaft action. Some of the newer vehicles now have the regulator built into metal or plastic panels to make them harder for regular mechanics to get into, making it more likely that customers will be forced to go to the dealer for the repair. When a regulator breaks, the symptoms it displays are different depending on the type of regulator. Not all regulators are created equally.

When possible, Power Window Repair will separate these parts to save you money now and in the future. Most customers’ vehicles are suffering from regulator problems and that is our specialty. Our proprietary repair of stainless steel and custom-fabricated metal parts offers a more permanent OEM solution to the inferior replacement parts found in the automotive market today. We focus on the weakest points of the power window regulator, strengthening and fortifying them to prevent it from having to be replaced again down the road.
We’re not saying that we don’t install window regulator and window lift motor combinations when necessary, only that if it’s possible to separate and save you money, we will! The more you know, the more you can save on a power window repair. Call us today for a Free Diagnosis and Quote. Call (480)570-5116.

How To Diagnose A Problem With Your Power Window

Before assuming that your car has a major problem, let’s take a few moments to diagnose your power window problem and see if we can shed some light on the situation.

First, verify that all other windows are in working order. If all four windows fail at the same time and you have checked your fuses, you could have an electrical break in the door harness that runs between the body of the car and your door. If only one is not working properly, and it’s in the rear, it could still be an electrical break, but it’s rare in most vehicles, and more often found in the rear of Cadillac Devilles.

In most modern cars, it’s usually the regulator that goes first, with a few exceptions. The regulator is generally a cable track pulley system that is made of cheap plastic parts. In hotter climates, these regulators fail quickly and fail often. Symptoms of this type of problem include the glass dropping into the door panel, crunching, grinding or other funky noises indicating that the motor is working, but the glass is not being raised.

Some older vehicles have what’s called a scissor action regulator in the door. These regulators are bulletproof for the most part, but they do fail from time to time. There are small teeth on the arm of the regulator that attaches to the window lift motor and those teeth are thin and can break away. Symptoms of this would generally include a slight drop of the window and inability to raise all the way to the top. You may hear a noise that sounds similar to a machine gun – de de de de. When this occurs, using the power window or helping the glass up, can put further stress on your power window motor, which can lessen the life of the motor and cause it to draw more power from your power window switch. Power window switches in modern cars are outrageously priced and are often “dealer only” parts.

If your power window problem is running slowly, it’s likely that it’s just the power window lift motor that is to blame. Symptoms include the window starting to come up at normal speed and then when it gets part way up, it slows down to turtle speed and you have to help it up to the top. Again, not recommended. In touching the glass, you are putting additional pressure on the power window regulator, which can break and cause you more money. Glass carriers on regulators can also break, which would cause the window to tilt forward or backward.

If you have a power window problem in a Mazda, Nissan, Infiniti, or older Chevy or Ford, it’s likely the motor that’s the problem, even if you hear funky noises or crunching sounds. The gears inside some of those motors are plastic and will break down over time. They can be rebuilt in some cases.

Power Window Repair can help you fix your power window problem at 40-70% less than traditional repair facilities and dealers. Your power window problem does not have to break your budget and it doesn’t have to be put off when you can find affordable prices at Power Window Repair. Our proprietary repair of stainless steel and custom metal parts provides a more permanent solution for our customers, so take a look at what we have to offer and then call today for a FREE diagnosis & quote at (480) 570-5116. If you are outside the Phoenix Metropolitan Area, please be advised that we do accept repairs by mail and can turn most repairs around in 24-36hrs.

Power Window Repair Phoenix Arizona

Power Window Repair Phoenix

Watch our video, showing how we repair power window regulators and the power window repair services that we offer in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area. We offer solid repairs designed to give our customers a more permanent solution to their power window woes and we offer a solid 1 year warranty to back it! Our creative pricing makes our repairs affordable, which gives you double the value in your repair! Call Power Window Repair Phoenix today for a free diagnosis and quote! Diagnostic Hotline (480)570-5116.

My Window Won’t Roll Up


Do you hear weird noises coming from your door, but your window won’t roll up? Can you hear the motor running, but the window won’t roll up regardless of what you do? Read on, you need a power window regulator or motor repair.

In the Phoenix area, we see power windows fail daily. It’s a problem that consumers have had enough of and the cost of repair at traditional repair shops and dealers is ridiculous. When your window won’t roll up, your vehicle will be the first to be targeted by thieves. Duct tape and plastic is only a temporary solution and will only tell thieves that your vehicle is an easy target. You also leave yourself open for rain and other unmentionables to get into your vehicle and cause even more problems.

If you’re window has fallen and the window won’t roll up, do your research and then call Power Window Repair today for a free quote and diagnosis. Our rates are 40-70% less than traditional repair shop and dealer prices and we offer a free mobile service for most repairs in the Phoenix Metro area.

Request a quote today! (480)570-5116

Why Did My Window Fall Into the Door?

Did your automobile power window fall into the the door? Did it make a weird noise and then fall into the door? That’s a great indication that you’re in need of a regulator repair.

When a car window falls into the door, it can be a real problem. Not only is your vehicle left unsecured, it’s at risk for critters and water to get in. Duct tape and plastic? That’s a quick way to solve the problem, but an affordable window regulator repair is what you need.

Power windows don’t just fall into the door unless something else is wrong. Typically, when a customer says that their window they watched their window fall in the door, we already know what’s going on. Unfortunately, power windows are designed to break under certain conditions and we just have too many of those conditions combined in our climate here in Phoenix. Most of the parts in a OEM power window regulator are rated for 86 degrees and in Phoenix, it’s 186 degrees in our doors 300 days of the year. We are a mecca for power window regulator problems.

The next time you see your power window fall into the door, you need to call Power Window Repair for a quote immediately! Not only will we provide you with an affordable power window regulator repair and make sure that you window doesn’t fall into the door again, we will provide you with a proprietary repair that’s designed to give you a more permanent solution. We offer a 1 year warranty on parts and labor and we offer free mobile service to most of the Phoenix Metro area.




Not Every Power Window Repair Company Is Reputable

It’s sad to say, but as companies enter the power window industry, it become more and more important that you check their reviews and references! Not everyone has the customer’s best interest in mind.

Power Window Repair has been around a long time, so our presence has been know and documented since 2009, whether that be on the BBB or Angie’s List or Yelp! It was actually the additions of new companies in the marketplace that drove our team to create a new website and internet presence to set ourselves apart from the crowd. We’ve worked hard to create and maintain our reputation of caring for customers and putting them first and we intend to keep it up.

Newer companies in the power window market just don’t have the expertise or skill to satisfy their customers needs. Anyone can throw an aftermarket window regulator in a GM truck, the questions is whether or not that company will answer your call if it fails under warranty. Besides, our repair is proprietary and intended to be a more permanent solution. This puts us in a whole different category of power window repair companies.

Over the years, we’ve expanded Power Window Repair to includes such services as power door locks, power window switch repairs, electrical harness repairs, door handle replacement, power seat problems and anything else you can think of that has to do with your doors.

Don’t waste your hard earned dollars by choosing the wrong power window company to repair your vehicle. The information you need about each company is at your fingertips and only takes a moment to check. You’ll be happy in the long run and you’ll get a repair you can count on.

As always, we encourage you to call our diagnostic team for a free diagnosis & quote. You may even qualify for free mobile service to your home or office!


Do You Fix Automobile Power Seats

We do fix automobile power seats.  Whether or not your seat is repairable depends on the year, make and model and where the problem originated.

Automobile power seats can fail or break in a variety of areas. In the Chevy Impala, there’s a piece that breaks that can be repaired, if you know what you’re doing and in the Dodge Nitro, it’s the motor that needs to be rebuilt. But when you’re talking an older GM truck or SUV, you may be looking at replacing the seat. Even the Ford Fusion has a seat switch that we can repair. Let’s not forget the BMW twisted seat nightmare! For that, we have a special repair that we are famous for!

The bottom-line is that if the Power Window Repair team can repair your automobile power seat, you’re going to get out the door for hundreds less than anywhere else. If you are having a problem with your power seat, call our diagnostic team for time to come in to see our master technician. You can’t go wrong with a free diagnosis and we may be able to fix it on the spot!

As always, our repairs come with a 1yr warranty on parts and labor! Don’t delay in getting your quote today!


Power Window Repair In Florida

If you find yourself on vacation and needing power window repair in Florida, give these guys a try.

PowerUp Auto



Power Up Auto is in all of Pinellas County including St Petersburg, Gulfport, Pasadena, Tierra Verde, St Pete Beach, Reddington Beach, Reddington Shores, Maderia Beach, Indian Rocks Beach, Indian Shore Beach, Clearwater, Seminole, Pinellas Park, Kenneth City, Dunedin, Belleair, Belleair Bluffs, Belleair Beach, Clearwater Beach, Safety Harbor, Crystal Beach, Palm Harbor, Tarpon Springs, Holiday.

Fixing Power Door Locks

Are one of more of your door locks not coming up when you hit the button? Do you hear the whirring sound of a motor, but nothing is happening? Don’t panic – fixing power door locks doesn’t have to mean the end of the world.

If you’ve ever called your local repair shop for a quote on power door lock repair, they’ve likely told you to call the dealer. They don’t much like fiddling with window regulators, much less fixing power door locks which requires them to remove the window regulators to get to them AND then disconnecting everything else in the door just to reach the lock actuator. It’s not that they aren’t skilled enough to complete the repair, it’s simply that they don’t fix power door locks often enough to make it worth their time and trouble. It’s easier to say it’s a dealer only repair and leave it alone. Now the dealership or what I like to call the “stealership” is alway happy to hear your voice. Their trained to be ready for your call with confusing information and a robot that says $90 diagnosis before we can tell you what’s wrong. Because they know that this repair is difficult for most mechanics, they can charge ridiculous labor rates for this repair and they can justify keeping your car for 3/4 of a day or more which can really be inconvenient.

At power window repair, we have so much experience getting in and our of these doors that removing the regulator to get to the door lock actuator is a snap. It does take extra time, but if you know what you are doing, it’s a repair that shouldn’t take our technician longer than 1 hour. We don’t do this repair mobile, but have plenty of time available in our conveniently located Phoenix shop that we can get you in and  after work or on a Saturday.

If you think you power door lock is starting to fail and you’d like to know what your options are, please call our friendly diagnostic technicians at (855)ROLLS-UP or locally at (480)570-5116. We’ll be happy to diagnose your problem and get you a quote you can count on. Fixing power door locks is a breeze for our team! Call around and compare, we are confident that you will find Power Window Repair to be your team!