Power Window Repair Leads in Re-Manufacturing Automobile Window Regulators

Phoenix, AZ: Power Window Repair (PWR, LLC), a company that specializes in rebuilding automobile power window mechanisms including window regulators, motors, and switches, is proud to announce the launch and successful testing of its custom metal replacement parts for automobile cable-style manual and power window regulators. Big winners are those owners of Porsche, Bentley, and Chevy SSR vehicles, all of which have costly replacement parts or parts which are no longer manufactured.

Paul Nagy, the Founder of Power Window Repair, a Design Engineer, has designed custom metal pulley wheels and spring tensioners to replace the plastic ones that are normally used. The replacement of plastic with metal combined with a proprietary repair, now provide a more permanent solution for consumers seeking rare and obsolete parts, or those looking for a more reliable and affordable repair for their automobile power windows. When reviewing Power Window Repair’s services, longtime customer Ash Mohaj, of Iconic Motorcars Inc. said, “I have been in the car business for 25 years and sell high end, European cars. This is the best bargain I have seen in a while. A real mechanic that actually repairs things instead of replacing expensive parts, which makes it a green business.” All of Power Window Repair’s rebuilt cable action window regulators carry a lifetime warranty.

Power Window Repair manufactures its own proprietary metal parts and uses them to strengthen OEM window regulators. When repairing a regulator, they apply an avionic style repair of stainless steel, aluminum, and brass, to the weakest areas known to break. Every part is quality controlled and inspected the minute that it leaves the build room. Their repairs are intended to be a more permanent solution and every part is reviewed by a master technician before being installed in your vehicle. Power Window Repair uses custom-fabricated metal parts and are the only power window regulator repair company in the nation that does this.

Power Window Repair was founded in 2009 and provides mobile power window repair services in the Phoenix area and rebuild and return services to its national and international customers.