Power Window Repair Services We Offer

Services We Offer

Power Window Repair offers a variety of services. There will always be repairs and services that we will do that fall outside of our normal scope, so if you don’t see your repair listed, call our friendly Diagnostic Techs for additional information. Be sure to visit our Vehicles We Service page for vehicle specifics.

Power Window Regulator Repair

Power Window Regulator

Did your window “pop and drop”, straight into the panel? Can you hear the motor, but nothing happens but grinding and weird noises? Do you have the glass propped up or worse yet, duct taped up? These are are all signs that your power window regulator may be broken. If you ask your average Power Window Repair customer what we’re famous for, they’ll tell you with a straight face that we repair window regulators so they can’t break again. People think we’re kidding around when we say this company was founded out of sheer frustration, but it’s the absolute truth. These goofy things are like bad boomerangs in an average climate, but when you have temperatures soaring over 110 degrees and dirt and debris flying in the air for months on end, it just gets worse! The power window services that we offer are very different. Power Window Repair services power window regulators!

Power Window Motor Repair

Power Window Motors

Is your power window running slowly or did it slow down before finally dying? Did it come to a screeching halt smack dab in the middle of rolling up? Are you helping the glass up with one hand while the other is operating the power window switch? Does the glass seem to skip and slip, but eventually get’s almost to the top? If you answered yes to ANY of these questions, it’s likely that the power window motor has failed or is very close to the end of its life. You have options! Power Window Repair services power window motors!

Power Window Switch Repair

Power Window Switches

They’re electrical parts. Need we say more? Each switch consists of two pieces of metal that come together to make an electrical connection between the door harness and the power window motor. The problem? We live in a climate with constant blowing dirt and debris that blocks and destroys those connections over time. They’re also made primarily of plastic and we all knows what that spells…T-R-O-U-B-L-E! Power Window Repair services power window switches!

Power Door Lock and Door Latch Repair

Power Door Locks and Door Latches

Did you hit the key fob or door lock button to unlock your car but one door isn’t unlocking or locking? Do you hear a sound like it’s trying to do something, but it only moves partially or not at all? These symptoms indicate that the door lock actuator is broken or failing. If your car won’t open from either handle, interior or exterior, it’s likely the door latch that’s causing the problem. Sometimes the door lock actuator is part of the door latch assembly, in which case the part will be more expensive. Power Window Repair services power door locks and door latches!

Door Handle Repair and Replacement

Door Handle Repair & Replacement

Door handle repairs can be costly through normal channels. Dealers and standard shops charge a premium when it comes to these things, so you not only get hit with a huge mark-up on parts, but exorbitant labor rates as well. Depending on where it broke, we may be able to repair it! Power Window Repair services door handles!

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