Power Window Motor Repair

Is your power window running slow or did it slow down before finally dying? Did it come to a screeching halt smack dab in the middle of rolling up? Are you helping the glass up with one hand while the other is operating the power window switch? Does the glass seem to skip and slip, but eventually get’s almost to the top? If you answered yes to ANY of these questions, it’s likely that the power window motor has failed or is very close to the end of it’s life. You have options!

Window Motor Repair

We know that helping the glass up with your hands is a common way to get the window up when a power window motor begins to give you trouble. The problem with that is that the glass is connected to the window regulator and it’s not uncommon for a customer to break the window regulator simply by trying to get more life out of the window motor. Additionally, the window motor could be drawing too much power through the switch causing that part to fail pre-maturely. For this reason, we recommend that you call us for a diagnosis and quote and then stop using the window until you can have it repaired. There are 3 major components in your power window system that can fail and if all three go one after another, you’ll be hopping mad when you realize it could have been prevented.

At Power Window Repair, we like to provide our customers with alternatives, whenever possible. In some cases, a power window motor can be repaired and doesn’t require replacements, thus saving YOU money! When the problem stems from broken plastic or rubber inside the window motor casing, Power Window Repair can often replace or repair those parts, giving your power window motor new life for years to come. Call and compare. Check out our rating on Yelp, Angie’s List, Facebook and the BBB. We take care of our customers needs at an affordable price and they love us for it!

When the motor has burned out, meaning the heat sensor or brushes are no longer viable, the repair becomes a little tricky. At this time, we believe that replacement will be our customers best bet for a lasting repair. That doesn’t mean that we won’t be able to safely rebuild that power window motor in the future, but at this time we are still working on the process and design. We know the current re-manufactured replacements motors aren’t what they used to be and we want our customers to have a better and more affordable option! Join us on Facebook or subscribe to our emails and blog for updates to all of our newest repairs!

What Makes Us Different?

It all starts with custom-fabricated metal parts!

Window Motor Replacement

OEM Power Window Motors vs. Aftermarket Power Window Motors

In many cases, an aftermarket power window motor is available and will provide more affordability while giving you enough years of use that you’ll either be satisfied or out of the car and into another. Power Window Repair makes these repairs even more affordable with flat labor rates on each individual vehicle and part prices that we’ve sought out as your best buys. Most repair shops charge standard shop rates based on a book and huge mark-ups on parts, costing you more of your hard earned money! Call and compare. Check out our rating on Yelp, Angie’s List, Facebook and the BBB. We don’t joke around with our customers and they love us for it!

There are vehicle models which call for an OEM power window motor replacement, which means a dealer only part. We offer our dealer parts at a more reasonable price and then give you a fair price on labor that won’t break the bank! Call, compare and get a free diagnosis and quote. It’s your money, but you’re not the only one worried about how you spend it. We strive to provide economical repairs for our customers and promise to continue being creative in our repairs and pricing.

Power Window Motors Vary in Design

Each power window motor is designed to fit a particular design of regulator. The size and length of the barrel vary, as well as the gear length and width. Whatever is is that you need, we’ll either have it on hand, be able to get our hands on it or we’ll attempt to rebuild it for you. Whatever it is that we decide works best for you, we’ll make it affordable and convenient!

So Let’s Get Started And Compare Today!