Interior and Exterior Door Handle Repair & Replacement

Door handle replacement can be costly through normal channels. Dealers and standard shops charge a premium when it comes to these things, so you not only get hit with a huge mark-up on parts, but exorbitant labor rates as well.

If your door will open from the outside, but not the inside, or vice versa, the door handle itself may not be the problem. If the door handle isn’t broken, it could be just the linkage inside that has come loose or worn out. In these cases, there is a very good chance that it can be fixed with our custom stainless steel repair and avionic cable in our shop. These types of door handle repairs usually cost between $129-149, but in some European and specialty vehicles may cost more.

There are instances where a door handle cannot be repaired and must be replaced. We’ve done our research and to be honest, a handle is a handle. Whether or not it’s a dealer part is determined by the manufacturer and it’s decided by the model and model year. Aftermarket door handle replacements are available for some vehicles, but not for others. In our experience, an OEM replacement door handle will be no more reliable than the aftermarket replacement handle.

Our team goes to great lengths to make sure that each customer receives the absolute best quality and price on replacement door handles for their vehicle. Our labor rates hit the mark for most budgets, so don’t delay in requesting your Free Diagnosis and Quote!.