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Do You Have The Power Window Regulator Blues? Did your window “pop and drop”, straight into the panel? Can you hear the motor, but nothing happens but grinding and weird noises? Do you have the glass propped up or worse yet, duct taped up? These are are all signs that your power window regulator may be broken. You Have Options!

Proprietary OEM Power Window Regulator Repair

If you ask our average Power Window Repair customer what we’re famous for, they’ll tell you with a straight face that we rebuild and repair window regulators so they can’t break again.

These goofy things are like bad boomerangs in an average climate, but when you have temperatures soaring over 110 degrees and dirt and debris flying in the air for months on end, it just gets stupid! At Power Window Repair, we employ proprietary techniques and custom metal parts in our OEM window regulator repairs, giving our customers a more permanent solution!


Everything we’ve learned, all the problems we’ve run into out in the field…they all lead up to better repair for you. We won’t just stop with what we know is already the best repair available on the market, we’re going to rebuild that window regulator better, stronger and to be more dependable! We have a passion for window regulators and we will continue to develop new ways to save our customers money! That’s why we offer a solid 1 year warranty on labor and LIFETIME warranty on all rebuilt OEM window regulators.


It all starts with custom-fabricated metal parts!

Examples of Areas We Strengthen

 BMW Window Regulator

single track cable power window regulator

Window Regulator Replacement

OEM Power Window Regulators vs. Aftermarket Power Window Regulators

If we had a time-machine, we’d be able to visit the era of reliable auto parts and cars that drove forever on an oil change and clean transmission fluid. Just as those days are over, so are the days when an aftermarket window regulator matched OEM quality, but the bad news doesn’t stop there. OEM regulators, despite their often ridiculous price, aren’t built much better. While not the same quality as the original in the door, the metal, plastic and build quality will be higher than an inexpensive aftermarket window regulator.

Regardless of who manufactured the new window regulator, it won’t be the same quality that your car drove off the line with AND it will be more expensive. The likeliness of most new regulators lasting 18 months is slim to none. This is precisely why we try to rebuild as many window regulators as we can. Our Power Window Repair technicians do wild things to strengthen and rebuild window regulators, but there are limitations to what we can fix.

If there’s an aftermarket in the door or the OEM has been destroyed beyond repair, something else must be done. We have most OEM regulators rebuilt and in stock, and in those cases, we can simply charge for the OEM rebuilt core and solve the problem. In the cases where we don’t, we’ll need to price a new part for you.

If the price is right, a new OEM regulator is preferable. While not the exactly the same as the original, the metal, plastic and build will be higher. We’ll strengthen it before it goes in the door to make sure you have years of worry-free use ahead of you. If an aftermarket part is absolutely necessary, we’ll make sure that the we find you the best quality at the best price. We can strengthen an aftermarket part also, but we only guarantee that it will last longer than if we didn’t. For this reason, we offer a full 1-year warranty on labor and a LIFETIME warranty on our rebuilt OEM window regulators.

DON’T PANIC! Parts come and go as the years pass and as they make their way into the auto hall of fame, they may become expensive. It’s a car life!

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