Answers To Your Frequently Asked Power Window Repair Questions

We specialize in repairing and installing power window mechanisms. What we are FAMOUS for is repairing cable regulators so they can’t break again. We replace weak and cheap plastic parts that break with metal parts that we manufacture. We strengthen and fortify the weakest points of the part with custom stainless steel repairs. It was designed to be a more permanent solution than installing a new part, so we give you a lifetime warranty on the part and a 1-year warranty on the install labor.

Most repairs are completed in less than an hour. Some repairs may take a little bit longer depending on the difficulty of the repair, but our field jobs typically will never take more than an hour – unless you have more than one window.

We offer lifetime warranties on our cable action rebuilt regulators (the typical part that breaks on most vehicles) and a one-year warranty on the install labor. For all other parts, we offer 1-year warranties on parts and labor Although these parts typically last much longer than that, we have to pass on the warranties that we receive from the manufacturer.

We could give you a smaller window, but we can almost guarantee that we won’t make it. Over the years we’ve learned that things are not always within our control. Customers run late to work, kiddos get sick, we add an additional job or someone has to reschedule, and every time we have any fluctuations, it impacts our timing and scheduling. We will always give you a heads-up call so you have time to prepare and meet our technicians who will be in and out in less than 30 minutes!

We accept cash, check, and any major credit/debit card. Yes, even American Express and Discover!

We start at $99 and go all the way to up over $1000 depending on the year, make, and model. Our prices are tiered based on the vehicle year, make, and model, the value of the repair, and the difficulty of the repair. We always want to offer the absolute best price for our power window repairs, BUT we also want to be around the next time you need us. We’re sure if you call around…you will STILL find us to be the best deal in town!

We only rebuild and repair OEM regulators, which means that we only repair the original part from the manufacturer (i.e. the GM part or Honda part) that you can typically only get from the dealer. Most companies will just purchase a cheaper aftermarket regulator (something purchased from Carquest or Auto Zone). NOT US! We know those parts will break again, and we take issue with that! When our technicians find an inferior aftermarket part in the door, we install our OEM and gain an inferior part “core” that we cannot rebuild. So, when we lose an OEM regulator, we have to charge a little extra to cover the cost of purchasing another OEM quality part. We’re installing quality and reliability back in your door, and the part we can’t use for someone else will end up in the trash.

As a vehicle gets older, it actually becomes more difficult to work on…..Plastic starts deteriorating, parts become brittle and it takes our technicians longer to repair. On top of that, many older vehicles contain scissor action regulators and are riveted to the panel. That means that additional time and care has to be taken for safety reasons.

At this time, the answer to that question is no. That could change in the future, but at this time we aren’t selling rebuilt parts. There are too many factors involved when the installation isn’t done by our technicians and if we are going to warranty the labor for 1 year and the part for a lifetime, we want to make sure it’s done properly. We don’t just replace broken parts like other companies. We actually strengthen and fortify it in ways that only we know how to do.

We know it seems like that would be half the work, but it actually takes our techs just a few minutes to get in and out of most vehicles professionally. We would prefer that our customers NOT take the chance and leave the work to us. Not only can the parts be fragile and easily break, we often see components that don’t necessarily need to be removed taken off. When we see a panel off, our technician is required to inspect the panel and clips, before they can start the repair as well as put everything that was removed back in its proper place requiring additional time on the repair.

We are happy to do that for you, however we do not recommend aftermarket cable window regulators on any vehicle unless absolutely necessary. This business was founded because the OEM was designed to break. The aftermarket parts are far more inferior and don’t last very long. Oftentimes, we can repair the OEM for less than you can buy the part and have it installed. As long as you know this and what the difference is, we will do anything we can do to help you. Just be aware that there is NO warranty on part or labor for customer provided parts.

We appreciate you spreading the good word about us. At this time, we do not have a referral program set up. I can tell you that if you connect with us on Facebook, or accept our occasional emails, we’ll be sure to send you our frequent discounts and invite you to any programs or contests we may put together in the future.

Damaged or peeling tint can expose adhesive that heats up and becomes sticky. Any leftover tape residue from duct taping your window closed will also become hot and sticky. When operating your window up and down, this adhesive will cause the window to stick as it operates. This additional sticking puts unnecessary pressure on the regulator as it goes up and down and will eventually cause your window regulator to break again. If your tint is not replaced or the adhesive is not removed properly, your window may likely break again and cause a ripple effect that can potentially damage other door components like the window motors, switches, etc. Therefore, if we see damaged tint or adhesive on the window, we will ask you to replace it or remove the adhesive before we are able to warranty it. If you have questions about whether your tint would need to be replaced in order to receive the warranty, please send our office a picture of your tint or stop by our shop and we’d be happy to advise you ahead of time. **Tint referral can be provided upon request

NO! We are NOT affiliated with any other companies, even if they have a similar name. We are unique in our repairs. Unlike other power window companies, we rebuild the OEM regulators with metal parts rather than purchasing a cheap aftermarket part that’s going to break again! We honor ALL of our warranty repairs, call our customers back, and do the best we can to provide top notch customer service. Make sure to check your reviews before you use any other power window companies in town. They aren’t all created equal!