What is a Power Window Switch?

Simply put, the power window switch is the device that carries and controls the electrical connection between your automobiles door harness and the power window motor inside your door. That electrical switch may control one or more windows or other features such as the power mirror, power locks, etc.

Symptoms of switch failure will include sponginess in place of the normal ‘click’ felt when a normal actuation is achieved. You can test this by comparing to the other window switches in the vehicle. Any funkiness, floppiness or loose fitting switches will likely lead to replacement. Some switches will work intermittently for a period of time tricking consumers into thinking that the power window motor is to blame. If you have intermittent issues that are not also associated with a window slow down, you may still be looking at a switch issue. You might find that touching the switch in a particular way or at a different angle may suddenly cause a connection to be made. WARNING! If you get your window up again, put a piece of tape over the button immediately and and make a phone call to us for a quote. It’s always better to have your window stuck up than to have it stuck down!