Classic Automotive Window Specialists

Power Window Repair has made quite a splash within the classic car community. Over the last 11 years we have serviced countless classic vehicle windows! We are happy to report our absolute attention to detail and unrelenting efforts to find the very best solutions for our customers shows in thousands of unparalleled 5-star reviews across all reporting platforms! We […]

Jeep Cherokee XJ 2 Door Sport Obsolete Window Regulators & Motors

The Jeep Cherokee XJ 2 Door Sport is considered by many to be the best SUV shape of all time, it is the paradigmatic model to which other designers have since aspired. One of the draw backs of owning a 2 Door sport is that the window regulators are obsolete and impossible to find anywhere, even […]

Chevrolet SSR Obsolete Power Window Regulators and Convertible Top Issues

The Chevy Super Sport Roadster is a retractable roof convertible sport pickup truck made between 2003 and 2006. The parts for this vehicle are mostly obsolete, causing owners grief all over the country. The Chevrolet Dealer cannot help you, in fact, many of them have turned to Power Window Repair for help. Power Window Repair […]

Plymouth Prowler Obsolete Window Regulators

Are you on the prowl for a Prowler window regulator? Love for 1930’s-era hot rods inspired Chrysler’s latest design triumph, the retro-styled Plymouth Prowler. The parts for this vehicle are mostly obsolete, causing owners grief all over the country. Power Window Repair is one of the few suppliers that offers a rebuild service for these regulators. […]

Power Window Regulators: Metal Parts vs. Plastic Parts

Why Do Power Window Regulators Break So Often? In short, these parts are designed to break. No matter what make of car, manufacturers design these parts with cheap, flimsy plastic. On top of that, these parts are designed in such a way that places the heaviest load on the weakest points. These parts are designed […]