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Can’t find a window regulator for your specialty or luxury vehicle?

Purchasing an expensive used part online seem like a BAD OPTION? We can help!

We rebuild and return (R&R) power window regulators that we know to break. We include a LIFETIME WARRANTY on all of our regulator repairs!


Ship us your broken OEM power window regulator, motor*, or switch*, and we will ship it back rebuilt within 48 hours!

Power Window Repair receives broken OEM window regulators from all over the country. Don’t settle for less than the best! Call us today or submit a request below for a free quote on shipping your OEM regulator for repair.

When we say that our repairs are designed to be a more permanent solution to this problem, we’re not pulling your chain! Our custom-fabricated metal parts and proprietary stainless steel OEM repairs, strengthen and fortify these power window regulators in the areas we know to be weak.

Call now to get your power window(s) repaired for the long haul! – (888) 203-0583

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Our Regulator Repair Specialties Include (But Are Not Limited To):

Chevy SSR – Bentley Continental – Bentley Arnage – Bentley Flying Spur – Rolls Royce Corniche – Maserati Coupe Cambiocorsa – Ferrari Mondial – Lotus Elise – Acura RL – Acura TSX – Acura NSX – Volkswagen Beetle Convertible – BMW 7 Series – Hummer – Jeep Cherokee XJ – Jeep Liberty – Porsche 911, 996, 997 – Mercedes CLK – Porsche Boxster – Chrysler LeBaron Convertible – Chrysler New Yorker – Cranes & Heavy Equipment – Motorhomes & Semi-Trucks

Another Satisfied Customer:

Extremely pleased with the service and quality of work. I am located 1500 miles from Arizona and in need of a complete window regulator rebuild for my wife’s VW convertible. The nearest VW dealer is 200 miles from me and without even looking at the car or asking any questions they quoted somewhere between $1300 and $1700. I removed the regulator assembly, packed it up and sent it to Power Window Repair and received a completely rebuilt unit in 5 business days. The cost? $228 including shipping. I was able to accomplish the task of removing and reinstalling with only basic hand tools. I am not a professional mechanic, but do have a lot of DIY experience repairing my own vehicles. If you are considering using PWR’ rebuild and return service I say “go for it”.
– D. Gray

How the Rebuild & Return (R&R) Process Works:

1) Fill out the form above for a free quote or call our office at (888) 203-0583. Let our staff know that you would like to schedule a Rebuild and Return. We will collect the pertinent info and answer any questions you have.

2) If you are shipping a regulator, gather up all parts to the mechanism, including (but not limited to) spool wheel, spool caps, cables, cable sheaths, glass carriers or glass gondolas, broken pieces etc. If you are unsure if you have all the parts, send an email with pictures to powerwindowrepairaz@gmail.com or text them to 480-250-0005.

3) Fill out the Rebuild & Return Form

4) Pack your part in the smallest box possible and ship to our location.

5) Once the part is received, our staff will notify you, which starts the 48 hour clock.

6) When your part is ready to ship, we will call to arrange payment and return shipping.

*Although we pride ourselves on making miracles happen, not all power window parts can be refurbished. Give us a call to find out if your part is repairable!