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Power Window Repair in Phoenix may have started with one guy in a station wagon, repairing power window regulators and window motors, but we now service over 4,000 vehicles a year and offer over 10 different types of repairs for our customer’s cars!

Spend just a few minutes on the phone with any one of our team members, and you’ll recognize the difference immediately. That’s because at Power Window Repair in Phoenix, Arizona, we actually know what we’re talking about.

We are the Original Phoenix Power Window Repair. We know what’s in your door and we know those parts so well that a brief description of what’s going on will often help us diagnose your problem over the phone!

Ship us your window regulator from anywhere and we’ll repair them in Phoenix with our metal parts and turn them around in 48 business hours! How’s that for 5-star service?

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Paul Nagy

The Founder & CEO of Power Window Repair in Phoenix Arizona

Paul, “El Capitan”, has over 20 years of automotive experience. From his upbringing in Africa, Paul learned how to utilize his mechanical genius abilities to repair just about anything. He studied Design Engineering at the University of Westminster in England to hone his engineering know-how so that he could apply his knowledge to solve the problems he encountered on a day to day basis in the automotive industry. It was the weekly window regulator failure that had him stumped, hence, the establishment of Power Window Repair – a business founded out of sheer frustration and a vision for something better for everyone! His own frustration brought this company to life and continues to solve the weird and wonderful issues that can come up with these electrical systems.

Berkley runs a tight ship! She manages the business and the marketing of Power Window Repair. She comes to us with 10 years of business consulting experience and an MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management. Her cool head keeps our team on point and marching toward our goals! She’s our master planner!

Jeremy Barrow

Master Builder & Installation Technician

Jeremy is a US Army Combat Veteran, having served our country in the Iraq War overseas. The mechanical and technical skills he received in the Army service have made him a great asset to our PWR team! He is the brawn behind the work that we do at PWR! Jeremy allows our technicians to do their job quickly by pre-building all of our regulators so that we can provide fast and efficient service to our customers! His responsibility is to ensure that our rebuilt OEM window regulator repairs are bulletproof!

Angel Bokor

Installation Technician

Angel, has become an excellent asset to our team. He comes to us out of California with an extensive background in the automotive industry. His experience ranges from management to hands on mechanics! Angel’s easy going attitude and strong mechanical skills make him great with customers! You may see him around the valley zipping in and out of cars on his way to the next power window repair!

Cynthia Gonzalez

Diagnostic Tech and Administrative Support

Cynthia is the newest member of our team, but don’t let that fool you! She’s come up to speed quickly. She’s a multi-tasking rockstar. Her positive attitude and welcoming smile make customers and staff right at home! She’s always willing to jump in and do whatever it takes! She’s GOT THIS!

Diagnostic Technician

Derek McFarland has been with Power Window Repair for a little over a year, but he brings a lot to the table. With over 14 years of customer service experience and a desire to go above and beyond to take care of each customer, he has been an extremely valued team member since his arrival. Outside of work, Derek is a stand-up comedian which makes for a very pleasant experience when you get to interact with him.

Builder/Installation Technician

Kellihan (Kel) Tsedah, a proud veteran of US military has been with us for over 2 years and has been a great asset to the company. With his well-disciplined, hard-working and positive attitude, Kel has undoubtingly been the perfect fit to our Power Window Repair family. During his time with us he has proven to be a jack of all trades. He can install, build, and much more!