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They’re electrical parts. Need we say more? Each switch consists of two pieces of metal that come together to make an electrical connection between the door harness and the power window motor. The problem? We live in a climate with constant blowing dust and debris that blocks and destroys those connections over time. They’re also made primarily of cheap plastic and we all knows what that spells…T-R-O-U-B-L-E!

When everything works properly, you press the button the the window glass raises and lowers. No harm – no foul. It’s only when it fails to work – specifically when it fails with the glass in the down position, that we find customers to be most upset.

On your average 4-door vehicle, the master switch pack is likely to consist of the door lock switch, mirror, etc, but it will also contain 8 actual power window switch connections which can go bad. How nice of them to give us to many extra connections…


Power window switches are known to fail over time for various reasons. The most common failure we see is in the connection area itself. This is where two pieces of metal come together, creating an electrical connection, making a ‘click’. That click is the electrical actuation connecting the electricity from your switch button and the actual power window motor that it is attached to the window regulator mechanism in your door.

To be more technical, when the window is powered up there is a lot of current and power drawn from the motor, which creates a good bit of heat. When you attempt to raise window the way to the top or lower it all the way to the bottom, you’ll find your finger on that switch for an extra millisecond or two. This is just enough time to cause a spike in the current in that very moment, where the motor is still requesting electricity and drawing power. As you release the switch, those connections swing or flip open causing an arc of electricity (similar to a lightening bolt) that jumps from one connection to the other. Because there is oxygen surrounding these connections, eventually a burning effect will seen where a carbon layer will cover the connector, preventing a connection from being made.


In some cases, a switch connection can be repaired. Our technicians can get into the switch pack, remove the springs and clean or replace the broken connections. When this happens we can often save our customers a bundle, but we always prepare you to replace the switch at the same time. Until we open the switch pack, we won’t know whether or not it can be repaired. It’s not uncommon for an older part to fall apart in our hands, so we always prepare you to replace the switch.


This can be tricky on newer vehicles. The VIN is absolutely needed and we’ve found that many aftermarket parts on the newer cars don’t match the OEM specs, therefore not fitting the vehicle. Let’s just say that we’re not happy when we reach a customers location without the correct part.

If an aftermarket power window switch is available for your vehicle and it matches the OEM specs, there should be no difference in performance or color. Save your pennies! Our diagnostic technicians will find you the best quality part at the best price, guaranteed!


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