Jeep Cherokee XJ 2 Door Sport Obsolete Window Regulators & Motors

The Jeep Cherokee XJ 2 Door Sport is considered by many to be the best SUV shape of all time, it is the paradigmatic model to which other designers have since aspired. One of the draw backs of owning a 2 Door sport is that the window regulators are obsolete and impossible to find anywhere, even at salvage yards. If you spend an incredible amount of time searching and are lucky enough to find one at a salvage yard, it’s guaranteed to be broken.

Power Window Repair is the only shop in the country that can manufacture these regulators from scratch with numerous upgrades to mitigate the issues found with the original regulators. We can also rebuild your broken window regulator and reinforce it with our proprietary metal repairs. When we rebuild a regulator, we do it right the first time and that’s why we guarantee our repairs for life.

Power Window Repair Now Has Improved Stainless Steel Braiding

We have improved our window regulator design to make it easier for our DIY customers to install. Our previous design was incredibly strong and durable, none the less, the original upgrades made it difficult for novice enthusiasts to install. We now have a new design for our reinforced tubing repair. This proprietary stainless steel braiding around the plastic tubing allows the load to be more evenly distributed, also ensuring flexibility of install and that future failure is mitigated. This allows us to provide a lifetime warranty on this rebuild.

Common Jeep Cherokee XJ 2 Door Sport Window Regulator Issues:

  • Broken Plastic Gear Tubing
  • Broken Glass Carriers
  • Dead Window Motors
  • Broken Secondary Bracket
  • Broken Plastic Clips

How Do I Send In My Part For A Rebuild Service?

If you would like to send your part in for a rebuild, simply fill out our ship to build form here and submit it. We also ask that you take some pictures of the broken regulator and email them to so that we can make sure you aren’t missing any key parts needed for the rebuild service. Turn around time typically takes 24-48 hours one we have received the part. Once it’s ready, we will contact you for payment and ship it back to you. You are responsible for shipping both ways. Our build comes with a lifetime warranty.