Chevrolet SSR Obsolete Power Window Regulators & Convertible Top Issues

The Chevy Super Sport Roadster is a retractable roof convertible sport pickup truck made between 2003 and 2006. The parts for this vehicle are mostly obsolete, causing owners grief all over the country. The Chevrolet Dealer cannot help you, in fact, many of them have turned to Power Window Repair for help.

Power Window Repair is the only shop in the country that can rebuild and/or manufacture these regulators for you with reinforced metal repairs. When we rebuild a regulator, we do it right the first time and that’s why we guarantee our repairs for life.

Common Chevy SSR Window Regulator Issues

  • Broken Plastic Pulley Wheels
  • Spring Tensioners
  • Cable Guides
  • Broken Cables
  • Dead Window Motors
  • Window Indexing Features

Chevy SSR Convertible Top Issues

The Chevrolet SSR convertible top is a hydraulic system that is notorious for having issues. Luckily, you’ve found the company that specializes in repairing and completely replacing these systems. With issues ranging from bad o-rings and seals to roof panel cylinder travel sensor failures, Power Window Repair can handle anything! Contact us for pricing and availability if you need help with your top!

How Do I Send In My Part For A Rebuild Service?

If you would like to send your part in for a rebuild, simply fill out our ship to build form here and submit it. We also ask that you take some pictures of the broken regulator and email them to so that we can make sure you aren’t missing any key parts needed for the rebuild service. Turn around time typically takes 24-48 hours one we have received the part. Once it’s ready, we will contact you for payment and ship it back to you. You are responsible for shipping both ways. Our build comes with a lifetime warranty. If you require expedited service, we have these parts in stock, we can overnight them to you and once installed you can mail your old part back to us (refundable core charge applies).