Power Window Regulators: Metal Parts vs. Plastic Parts

Why Do Power Window Regulators Break So Often?

In short, these parts are designed to break. No matter what make of car, manufacturers design these parts with cheap, flimsy plastic. On top of that, these parts are designed in such a way that places the heaviest load on the weakest points. These parts are designed to break.

What Makes Power Window Repair Different?

Power Window Repair is the only repair facility in the country that manufactures these parts from metal instead of plastic. We are not just here to replace parts. We make quality parts and we intend for our repairs to be long lasting and of extremely high quality. Have a look below. The difference is clear and unquestionable.

Why Should I Care About Metal Parts? I Can Get The Part Cheap Online.

It really depends on what your personal needs and expectations are. Sure you can save a few bucks by purchasing an inexpensive aftermarket part online, but that may only get you by for a short amount of time. We’ve found that cheap aftermarket parts are made with even weaker plastic and have a tendency to break within 6 months of install, no joke. So while you may save money up front, you can expect to spend more money and time in the long run fixing that window again and again. If you are trying to get a window fixed to quickly sale a vehicle, then aftermarket may be your best choice. However, if you really want a long lasting solution, then our metal parts are exactly what you’ll want for your vehicle.