Why Is My Power Window Running So Slow?

Why is my power window running so slowly?

Ah hah! A power window running slowly often means the power window lift motor is failing.

At Power Window Repair, we use our knowledge of vehicles and what’s in the door to diagnose our customers’ power window problems.  While the window regulator is usually to blame when a power window fails, we hear plenty of “power window running slow” complaints.

Depending on the model and year of your vehicle, you can expect to spend between $60.00-$660.00 to replace your window lift motor in your power window system. We know this is a wide range, but we are telling you, if you call a traditional repair facility or dealership, you are going to hear quotes that will knock your socks off!

A power window running slowly does NOT have to break your budget or destroy your vacation plans! At Power Window Repair, we approach our pricing with integrity and resolve to change the power window industry and its outrageous costs. After all, it’s not an engine motor, it’s only a power window motor!

If you’ve been quoted ridiculous rates and are in need of an affordable power window repair, please call us at (480) 570-5116 for a free diagnosis and quote. Our friendly diagnostic techs will quickly diagnose your problem and get you a quote you can count on. If your motor is too expensive, please ask if it can be rebuilt. Many Toyota, Infiniti, Nissan and Mazda motors can be rebuilt to save you money!