My Window Won’t Roll Up


Do you hear weird noises coming from your door, but your window won’t roll up? Can you hear the motor running, but the window won’t roll up regardless of what you do? Read on, you need a power window regulator or motor repair.

In the Phoenix area, we see power windows fail daily. It’s a problem that consumers have had enough of and the cost of repair at traditional repair shops and dealers is ridiculous. When your window won’t roll up, your vehicle will be the first to be targeted by thieves. Duct tape and plastic is only a temporary solution and will only tell thieves that your vehicle is an easy target. You also leave yourself open for rain and other unmentionables to get into your vehicle and cause even more problems.

If you’re window has fallen and the window won’t roll up, do your research and then call Power Window Repair today for a free quote and diagnosis. Our rates are 40-70% less than traditional repair shop and dealer prices and we offer a free mobile service for most repairs in the Phoenix Metro area.

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