Do You Fix Automobile Power Seats

We do fix automobile power seats.  Whether or not your seat is repairable depends on the year, make and model and where the problem originated.

Automobile power seats can fail or break in a variety of areas. In the Chevy Impala, there’s a piece that breaks that can be repaired, if you know what you’re doing and in the Dodge Nitro, it’s the motor that needs to be rebuilt. But when you’re talking an older GM truck or SUV, you may be looking at replacing the seat. Even the Ford Fusion has a seat switch that we can repair. Let’s not forget the BMW twisted seat nightmare! For that, we have a special repair that we are famous for!

The bottom-line is that if the Power Window Repair team can repair your automobile power seat, you’re going to get out the door for hundreds less than anywhere else. If you are having a problem with your power seat, call our diagnostic team for time to come in to see our master technician. You can’t go wrong with a free diagnosis and we may be able to fix it on the spot!

As always, our repairs come with a 1yr warranty on parts and labor! Don’t delay in getting your quote today!