Why Isn’t My Repair $99? I Thought You Did Everything For $99.

All of our repairs start at $99 and then go up based on the cost and difficulty of the repair. Some of our regulator repairs in the shop are $99, but then some could be $129, $149, etc. Of course, European and speciality vehicles will cost more due to the time. Our most expensive repair is $599 and that applies to a dealer only repair that would normally cost $1800.00. That tells you that we keep it real!

You will also find that many of our labor prices on repairs are $99. On vehicles with certain types of window regulator mechanisms you may see that rate go up to $129 or $149 simply because of the risk and difficulty of dealing with that particular window regulator.

Our rates are based on what it costs Power Window Repair to provide your repair and are not based on a book with standard hours that  dictate that standard hours that it takes to repair a vehicle. Our build and install technicians are experts in their field, therefore there is nothing standard about what we do. Our rates cannot be compared directly to the rates of another shop or dealer, nor can our warranty. We offer a solid 1-year warranty on parts and labor! Who does that anymore? NOBODY!

Power Window Repair strives to provide the absolute best repair at the most affordable price, but we want to make sure that we’re in business the next time that you need us. It may be necessary to raise prices from time to time based on our costs, but don’t panic! We’ve had two increases in 4 years and we weren’t happy about it either. In fact, we’ve lowered more prices than we’ve raised in the past 12 months. Who does that? POWER WINDOW REPAIR DOES!