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We Ask for Power Window Repair Testimonials And This Is What Our Loyal Customers Have to Say…

Edwin C. – Glendale AZ

“Hands down these are MOST professional, fastest and solid repair shop I’ve dealt with! The BMW dealer replaced 3 of my windows regulators but because of service contract caps, I needed to take it somewhere else that can work within those limits. I called Power Window Repair at 2:30pm and they quickly verified my contract & scheduled an appointment for 8am the next morning. Less than 45 minutes later my vehicle was finished and ready to go.
If you have a broken power window, Paul and his crew are simply the best!”

Shrei C. – Avondale AZ

“There is a reason this place has great reviews. I called late on a Saturday morning and a very friendly Rachel was ready to schedule me for mobile service first thing Monday morning. That would have been fine, but I kinda needed the window repaired before the week started, so I asked about coming in the same day. She told me what time to get there and that the work wouldn’t take long. She also gave me a very reasonable quote for the work over the phone. I arrived on time and within 5 minutes they were working on my car.  The work took about 15 minutes and cost exactly what they quoted me. In fact, the friendly lady that rang me up (Jill) remembered I found them on Yelp and told me to check in so she could give me $10 off my service. Very nice people with very fast and good service. I won’t have to look around again if anymore of my windows stop working. I will call here first.

Lily H. – Phoenix AZ

“I heard an ad on the radio for this place years ago, but when all my other Windows broke down, I never called back cause I couldn’t afford all 4 Windows. But recently, on my new car, the driver side window broke, and they were the first company I decided to call. I spoke with Jen, and she explained to me what exactly was going to happen in regards to getting my window fixed, including the quote.
I went there today, and while my wait was a bit longer than expected, I’m extremely happy with the service and the work done! And the best part is the price Jen quoted me is what I paid!
I highly recommend this place to anyone needing their window repaired!”

Kimo K. – Gilbert AZ

“OK; I normally don’t give five star ratings since I believe that for an establishment to get 5 stars, they have to be (near) perfect.  But for now, reserving my later judgements based upon the reliability of the “rebuilt” parts they installed, I have given them 5 stars.

The office mgr was prompt in replying to my email questions.  She also called me back on the telephone with more info.  She scheduled my repair in accordance with what my schedule could best accommodate, and when I emailed again with a change, she replied quickly.  The repair tech called when he was on his way to my home to do the work, and he arrived promptly as scheduled.  He performed the diagnostics and the repair quickly; in about half an hour.  And the ofc mgr quoted me 3 prices, according to the possible repairs that might be needed.  Her quote was on the money and they fixed things promptly and charged me fairly.

I think PWR is great at customer service and their prices are more than competitive.  In my book, customer service is so important with the vendors I want to do business with.  And lastly, lots of companies and service vendors I call, employ morons who cannot comprehend and answer questions, use deductive reasoning, or know the rules of common business courtesy.  PWR is not one of those companies.”

Krissy T. – Scottsdale AZ

“I was quoted over $800 to repair my Mercedes and that just wasn’t affordable. I called around and eventually was referred to Power Window Repair. I was surprised that the repair was only $289, so I asked a lot of questions, but sure enough, Paul came to my house and my window is working perfectly again. Just because I drive a Mercedes does not mean I am loaded and I would have never been able to get this window fixed otherwise. Thank you for offering an affordable service.”

Josh B. – Peoria AZ

“This people are top notch! Not only did they offer to fix my window for free after Phoenix Power Window Repair botched the job, their team seemed to know exactly what they were taking about. I don’t review companies, but this experience has taught me a lesson. I can’t use reviews to make my decisions and then not help others. I ended up fixing the problem myself this time rather than calling the other company back, but I will use them in the future.

Steve H. – Mesa AZ

“As the owner of a 2003 Jeep Liberty I know something about power windows–more specifically–getting them repaired. I’ve replaced 3 of them over the last 70,000 miles–each at about $300 to $400 a pop. Saw these guys ad on TV and made a mental note to give them a call the next time one broke. Wish I would have found them 3 windows ago. Great service, friendly folks–both on the phone and in person, and at half the price of the shop. On top of that they came to my office and repaired the window at the exact time they said they’d be there. Convenience, good price, good workmanship–not sure what else you’d want.

Cyndriel M. – Laveen AZ

“My driver side window broke down on Sunday and wouldn’t roll back up. I actually live in Flagstaff, where it’s snowing right now, so I had to get it fixed before going home.

Found these guys on Yelp. The 5-star reviews seemed very promising. They’re closed on Sundays, but someone will take your call and schedule an appointment for you. I got a call back from Rachel before 8 am on Monday. She was friendly and professional; she took my info and said a technician will come out to my location in less than an hour. I get a call from Josh at 8:45 saying he’s on the way. The work took around 15-20 minutes. Josh was fast and efficient; he also cleaned up my glass window. He explained that the plastic parts that are part of our car window mechanism get extremely hot during the summer, hence the breakdown. PWR uses their own parts made of metal, which means stronger.

They take credit card payments and email you your 1-year warranty. I paid $195.75 for my 2011 Chevy Cruze. Good deal, good experience.

Nick S. – Peoria AZ

“I currently own a 04 Acura TL. The dealership told me it would cost $500-$1,000 for my window issue like replacing the regulator and labor. That’s just not a fair price. So I looked on the Internet to research the cost and other companies who do window repairs. I was lucky to have found this place. Excellent service and very professional as well as great prices. I was out only $265. Now my driver side window can finally go up and down. Instead of staying stuck down in the abyss. Thank you so much power window repair. Best company around for window issue and more. Will be a returning customer for my other 2 cars.”

Dexter V. in – Phoenix AZ

“I first found this place via craigslist…they post a lot and basically own the space for power window repair. They said they had great yelp reviews and they were not lying….really not a bad review. I called to a few other places and almost took on the job myself after getting some very high quotes from some reputable places. PWR gave me what I thought was a very fair quote to replace the window regulator on my wife’s and I 99 Jetta. She decided to drive to their “office” location which is actually a converted home. It’s very nice, not ghetto, its fine. We did this because it’s hot and having people fix things in a parking lot is never cool…pun intended. Paul was a great tech, he had the job done in about 45 min, it also included fixing some things that the previous repair “attempted” to fix with tape and glue at no extra charge. Thank you! Berkley handed all the money aspects and was very kind and answered all our questions. I will be having them look at another car of ours in the very near future.

Thank you PWR”

Trey B. – Gilbert AZ

“Very Good.
Fast Service.
2004 Duramax window motor and regulator $147 installed with warranty.
Can’t beat that!!
Thank you PWR!”

Barb S. – Phoenix AZ

“Absolutely OUTSTANDING from start to finish! The people at power window repair reminded me of what customer service is supposed to look like! Great communication, outstanding work, quality products and excellent prices! Not to mention, they fixed my car the next business day! I am truly blown away! You all have gained a loyal customer in me! Changing the world, one window at a time!! A+++++”

Chuck G.  Phoenix AZ

“You guys are good. You came to my work place & replaced both my windows for my Camaro, at a good cost & warranty. Well my windows are still working after about 3 years. You guys also fixed my door handle on my Camaro. I will definitely recommend you guys whenever someone needs your service.”

Jason D. – Phoenix AZ

“Excellent customer service from this company puts them on top! They initially diagnosed my problem as the motor but the tech found it was my switch. They did not charge me for the first tech call and ordered new switches and had them by the next day! I would totally recommend them to anyone who needs their power window repaired!!!”

Tom L. Scottsdale AZ

“Unreal work and service! Window fixed in less than nine minutes, for about a fourth the cost of what I would have paid a dealer or mechanic. Everything the reviews say is true. These guys are the real deal – old school specialists who get it done right, fast, and affordable.”

Misty G. – Tempe AZ

“I got quoted $500 + for my 09 BMW 328i left rear window AND my job is too far to get shuttled to work AND the place isn’t open on the weekends… Power Window  came to my job and fixed the issue is 15 mins… They completed it while I was on a break. Excellent service… Fast…. And done. SOOOOOO happy!! THANK YOU!!”

Ellen P. – Phoenix AZ

Terrific! I was so thrilled not to have to take my car either to an auto repair shop, body shop or dealer to have my power window fixed! The repairman came to our house and fixed it on the spot, did not charge an exorbitant fee and was incredibly pleasant. The whole experience, which the day before I dreaded going through, was wonderful. I wish all our repairs would go as well!

Audrey C. – Chandler AZ

“Great service and great price! Have used them many times and I’m always happy. They come out to you to fix the windows very fast which is great with my busy schedule. Would highly recommend them!”

Neil D. – Queen Creek AZ

“My Ford E350 drivers side window dropped down into my door and immediately thought from previous experience that it was gonna cost me $300 to $400 to get it fixed. I called Power Window Repair and they came out and fixed it right in McDonalds parking lot. They did the job for about 1/3 of the cost of the dealership. This was a great experience and wish I had known about you guys sooner. Very fast, professional and would recommend you to everyone with a broken power window. Thank you Paul and Jenn! A+++++”

Maurice N. – Tempe AZ

“I had a driver’s side window motor replaced a year ago by someone else and it began to get sluggish. I was afraid to use it because I never knew when it would not roll up. I called Power Window Repair and spoke to Jennifer. She told me to get a silicone-based lubricant and spray the heck out of the window channel, as sometimes they get dirt in them. I did that and it worked like magic. It would have been so easy for her to send someone out and charge me, but she did not! What professionalism! Thanks so much, Jennifer! I appreciate your integrity. It is so rare these days to find that. Thanks again!”

Pete T. – Mesa AZ

“My wife’s 2003 Jeep Liberty Had the rear passenger and drivers side windows repaired by the dealer five times. Three of the repairs with warrantied, two times out of pocket $$$$$$$$. The dealer put JUNK parts in her doors!!!!!!

It has been over three years since Power Window Repair repaired both windows for under $200.00.They still work like a clock!!!!!!”

Ratnesh – Phoenix AZ

“Great service ,I got my rear power window fixed for only $99, dealer quoted $340 to fix this. The technician from PWR took only 20 mins to fix it.
Thankyou !!!”

Anna W. – Phoenix AZ

“I’m so happy I found them. I’m a recent widow and didn’t know what to do or where to go.  I feel so lucky to have come across them.  Very professional,  courteous & punctual. And they come to you!! It doesn’t get any better than that.  Love these guys!”

Tammy T. – Chandler AZ

“Great great great!! I called last minute, no problem they sent someone out by end of day and truck was done. Both rear windows worked again and for 200$ what a deal. Sorry I waited so long to fix. Great service and great prices….thank you!”

Kayla L. – Scottsdale AZ

“I got two of my windows repaired abou 3 years ago by Paul ad they continue to work great! I have since referred multiple people to this company. thank you!”

David G. – Phoenix Arizona

“I wanted to say thanks to these guys. They may have saved my marriage. After my wife drove around for 4 days with 4 kids in the car with a window stuck in the down position, in the summer. I was desperate and these guys came through big time. Thanks again, highly recommend.”

Andrew C. – Phoenix AZ

“Took my Chevy Tahoe to Get the rear passenger window fixed. I had already had the other side fixed at the dealership and spent over five hundered dollars. Could not bring myself to do that again. Found the website and thought i would take a chance. Well they are awesome fixed my window in under an hour and it only cost me $99. Completely worth it.”

Tom H.  – Scottsdale AZ

“Highly recommended. They got an appointment for me right away, were very friendly and professional (and thorough: they also fixed what I messed up trying to take the door apart myself), and charged less than 1/4 of what I was quoted from two other places.

Everything is working perfectly, and I spent $200 instead of $800+ to fix two windows. Very happy I found these guys.”

Renea C.  – Gilbert AZ

“I was quoted $260 to repair the window on my daughter’s 2004 Jeep Liberty from the dealer. I am thrilled to have found Power Window Repair. Everyone I had contact with was professional and willing to answer any questions I had. They offered me a next day appointment and performed the repair while I was at work. The repair was $99 but the confidence I feel about choosing Power Window Repair is priceless. THANK YOU!”

Linda L .– Phoenix AZ

“My drivers side power window on my Honda CRV stopped working and it was a pain at drive throughs. I had to open my door and reach around. I had Paul come out and do the work at my house. He did a great job and repaired it for $99 and I am pleased as punch! I heartily recommend powerwindowrepair.com.”

John O. – Phoenix AZ

“What a fantastic service! I have now had 3 windows repaired by Power Window Repair and each time the work was performed flawlessly. The dealer quoted over $400 for EACH window and I had them fixed for only $99. Two windows on a Buick and one on a Jeep Liberty…right on my driveway! No waiting, no fuss. The technician arrived on time, completed the job quickly and cleanly, and I had my windows working perfectly. And a lifetime guarantee on everything….you can’t beat that!

I would wholeheartedly recommend this service to anyone. Why suffer with a broken window when this is so fast and inexpensive?

I dreaded going to the drive-through as I had to open the door and hang out the side to get my order. Very embarrassing.

And in the heat of the summer my AC could never get cool with the window always open!
Now its fixed. Thank you Power Window Repair!”

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