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Oh the fun of Hummer power windows and door locks!

Do you hear the motor? Did you hear a POP and then….see yaaaa, the window dropped straight into the panel? It wasn’t hiding from you! You have a broken regulator!

Most dealers and repair shops will charge you astronomical rates to replace these Hummer parts. They may even tell you that your power window motor needs to be replaced. NOT LIKELY. If that window did anything you didn’t ask it to do or it made ANY noises that you can’t explain……Your Hummer power window regulator needs our EXPERT REPAIR!

Our proprietary stainless steel repair and custom metal parts strengthen and fortify OEM power window regulators in their Power Window Repair is the premier power window service in Arizona, proudly and professional serving the Valley of the Sun since 2009. Reviewed by our customers on popular local websites, PWR strives to provide the best possible repair, at a price that can’t be beat!

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We also repair the power door lock, power mirrors and interior/exterior door handles on all the Hummer vehicles.




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