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Power Window Repair in Phoenix may have started with one guy in a station wagon, repairing power window regulators and window motors, but we now service over 4,000 vehicles a year and offer over 10 different types of repairs for our customer’s cars!

Spend just a few minutes on the phone with any one of our team members, and you’ll recognize the difference immediately. That’s because at Power Window Repair in Phoenix, Arizona, we actually know what we’re talking about. We are the Original Phoenix Power Window Repair. We know what’s in your door and we know those parts so well that a brief description of what’s going on will often help us diagnose your problem over the phone!

Ship us your window regulator from anywhere and we’ll repair them in Phoenix with our metal parts and turn them around in 48 business hours! How’s that for 5-star service?

It all started with Paul Nagy, the Founder & CEO of Power Window Repair in Phoenix ArizonaPAUL NAGY

Paul, “El Capitan”, has over 20 years of automotive experience. From his upbringing in Africa, Paul learned how to utilize his mechanical genius abilities to repair just about anything. He studied Design Engineering at the University of Westminster in England to hone his engineering know-how so that he could apply his knowledge to solve the problems he encountered on a day to day basis in the automotive industry. It was the weekly window regulator failure that had him stumped, hence, the establishment of Power Window Repair – a business founded out of sheer frustration and a vision for something better for everyone! His own frustration brought this company to life and continues to solve the weird and wonderful issues that can come up with these electrical systems.

Jen Anderer, Lead Diagnostic Tech & Dealer Servicesjentemp

Jen, our “Rockstar” on the phones, has a fun and friendly personality while she educates our customers on the mechanics of what is going on inside their door. Jen comes to us with a corporate background and strong experience in sales and marketing. Paul asked her to help him answer the phones one week and she never left! The fact is that we’re not really sure how she got here, but we are sure that she’s here to stay and a has a passion for what she does! Don’t try pull the wool over her eyes though, this woman learned everything she knows from Paul and you can believe that she knows her stuff! She leads our diagnostic team, ensuring that we get our customers the right answers to their questions. Jen also handles all of our internet marketing and social media relationships, as well as our relationships with dealers, glass professionals and repair shops.

Josh, Builder & Installation Technician

JoshtempJosh came to PWR with a background in collision and other mechanical areas. His experience in getting in and out of automobile doors professionally and in a timely manner has brought great value to our team! He impresses our customers with his skill and humor and we know because they actually call back to tell us! He know’s his stuff and he’s a great guy! Whether is 70 or 120 degrees outside, he’s ready to get the job done and to top it off, he does it with a smile!

Berkley Roberts, Business Manager


Berkley runs a tight ship! She manages the business and the marketing of Power Window Repair. She comes to us with 10 years of business consulting experience and an MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management. Her cool head keeps our team on point and marching toward our goals! She’s our master planner!

Rachael, Administrative Extraordinaire & Customer Servicerachealtemp

Rachael brings youth and energy to our team! Second in line on the phones, her kind voice helps to soothe our customer concerns. Rachael makes sure that our customers receive their invoices and warranties in a timely manner and keeps us organized and on the ball throughout the week! Her young energy and enthusiasm to be a part of the PWR Team is invaluable!




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