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"Great great great!! I called last minute, no problem they sent someone out by end of day and truck was done. Both rear windows worked again and for 200$ what a deal. Sorry I waited so long to fix. Great service and great prices….thank you!"− Tammy T. Chandler, AZ




Is Your Power Window Broken, Stuck, Off The Track, Moving Slowly, Or Did It Just Drop Into The Door?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you may be in desperate need of an affordable and dependable power window repair! Unfortunately most modern power window regulators and motors are designed to break! The problem? The cheap plastic parts inside those window mechanisms that help move the window up and down.

IT GETS WORSE! Did you think your troubles are over just by buying a new window regulator or motor? Wrong! The new window regulator or motor is made with the same cheap plastic parts and will break again. In our many years of experience we have seen brand new power window regulators and motors break after only 3 days of use! The problem in Arizona is that these parts are rated for average climates. We live in Phoenix aka The Face of The Sun and there is NOTHING average about our climate! Our extreme temperatures and desert dust storms wreak havoc on power window systems!


When we say that our repairs are designed to be a more permanent solution to this problem, we’re not pulling your chain! Our custom-fabricated metal parts and proprietary stainless steel OEM repairs strengthen and fortify these window regulators in the areas our techs know to be weak. We’re pretty sure that 4k+ windows a year qualifies us as experts in that area! Imagine a world where a power window repair system is so strong and durable, that you will NEVER need to worry about this problem again!


We Use Metal Parts

window regulator glass carrier

We are the ONLY company in the nation that custom-fabricates metal parts to replace the cheap plastic parts found in the modern window regulators!

Our parts are stronger, more durable, and when applied to our repair, will last longer than any other part on the market today. PERIOD!

Our proprietary power window regulator repair and creative labor rates save you 40-70% off dealer and standard shop prices.

Our Metal Parts

Services We Offer

Paul Nagy, Power Window Repair

We may specialize in power windows, but we do so much more…Power Window Repair provides a wide array of services in addition to power window repair, including power door locks, door handles and more.

We are always looking for ways to save you money!

We stand behind our repairs with professional expert service and solid 1-year warranties on parts and labor

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Customer Testimonials

power window repair testimonials

CUSTOMERS AGREE: Power Window Repair provides the best repair service at the best price in the Phoenix area – HANDS DOWN! There’s NO comparison!

Why take chances with your hard earned dollars? Take the guess work out of your decision by doing your research and checking out our reviews, then call and compare today!

See our reviews here, or on Yelp, Angie’s List and the BBB!

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What Makes Us So Different From Everyone Else?



It all adds up to savings for YOU!

Specializing has its advantages! Last year, our techs serviced over 2,500 power windows and doors EACH in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area. That makes them professional experts in their field.

Power Window Repair was founded on the premise that modern cable power window regulators were not only designed to break, but break often. The founder of PWR used his knowledge and experience in the automotive sector to design a way to re-manufacture and strengthen the OEM regulator making it work like new, considerably stronger and at a price that will keep your wallet from screaming for mercy! The most important thing is that the repair is designed and engineered to last for many years to come! What we’re famous for is repairing cable window regulators so they won’t break again.


We use metal instead of plastic!MetalPartsAnimated

Our Custom Metal Parts

Power Window Repair manufactures its own proprietary metal parts and uses them to strengthen OEM regulators. When we repair a regulator, we apply an avionic style repair of stainless steel, aluminum and brass, to the weakest areas, strengthening it so it can’t break again. Every part is quality controlled and inspected the minute that it leaves our build room. Our repairs are intended to be a more permanent solution, which is why we make sure that everything we do is reviewed by our master technician BEFORE it’s installed in your vehicle.


Our repair isn’t standard, why would our pricing be?

Power Window Repair was established to save customers money while providing the best quality repair and superior service! In this economy, most consumers are watching their bottom-lines and every dollar is accounted for. Who can afford to blow their budget to have a power window repaired?! Power Window Repair can confidently say that we are the biggest bang for your buck – offering your the best in quality and at low price. Standard repair shops charge standard repair rates and you can forget about calling the dealer! Standard power window repair quotes generally start at $250 and only go up from there. Depending on the year and model of the vehicle, the mechanism in the door, and the cost of parts, you could hear anywhere from $350 – $1200 to fix your power window! WHAT?? Of course, the dealer…um “stealership”, is ALWAYS happy to hear your voice.


No other repair company receives the ratings we do! We know, that’s easy for us to say, but we’re not the one’s saying it! Our customer reviews tell you exactly what you’ll get when you use our service. They’re so honest that they complain when we can’t return their call fast enough – it’s worth noting that this rarely happens. Don’t trust what we tell you! Trust what our loyal customers tell you on Yelp!, Angie’s List,  Facebook &  the Better Business Bureau! Then call and compare your options. We know you’ll be pleasantly surprised! We’re confident that we offer the best bang for your buck in the Phoenix Area!


Free mobile service to most Phoenix metro areas ~MOST DONE IN 30 MIN!

Isn’t is already inconvenient enough to have your  power window broken? If your repair qualifies for mobile service, we may be able to come to your home or office at no additional charge. We’ve been known to chase people down at the local grocery store or beauty salon, just so you can keep on doing what’s important to you! Don’t let your power window problem ruin your day off and don’t waste your valuable time dropping your vehicle off at a dealership or repair shop! In most cases, we can make this process a breeze! Because we carry most rebuilt OEM regulators in stock, many of our repairs can be done on the spot and in under 30 minutes. No kidding – our power window technicians will take less time to repair you’re vehicle than it will to check in at the dealer! When our build and strengthening process can be done in the shop, we can service more customers and in a more timely manner.




It all begins with your FREE DIAGNOSIS! 

TEAM2-3-downOur skilled and friendly diagnostic technicians will ask a series of questions that will quickly indicate to them what’s going on inside your door, allowing us to offer a free diagnosis and quote right over the phone! We strive to schedule most repairs within a 24-hour period if not the same day and we provide a confirmation call the day before your repair to serve as a convenient reminder of when we will arrive!  Our professional technician will arrive in a Power Window Repair vehicle and will call as he approaches so that you can be ready for his arrival. Our experienced technicians can complete most repairs in under 30 minutes!


We’ll fix it for free or your money back!

We are so confident in our services and in our repair that we offer a full 12 month warranty on parts and labor! That’s considerably better than the 90 warranty of an aftermarket regulator and worthless 6-mos. labor warranty most shops will give you! In fact, there is no standard in warranties in the auto repair business. Do your research and make sure you’re getting what you think you’re paying for! We’ll give you prices and repairs you can count on without all the hidden fees and unwanted surprises you’ll get elsewhere! * All warranty work is done in the shop

images-29 WE’RE GREEN!

We recycle responsibly!

By re-manufacturing and repairing the original equipment, we are able to change the course of parts that would normally be tossed into a landfill or go unused. Power Window Repair is constantly looking for new ways to make use old parts and scrap, by creating new regulator repair tools and helpful items around the shop. Our continued commitment to keeping our footprint small is present in everything that we do at Power Window Repair.

Let’s Recap Your Options!

Option 1

Pay $350 -$1,300 At The Dealer Or Repair Shop, Face The Inconvenience Of Losing Your Vehicle For A Day, Then Get Ready To Do It All Over Again In A Year Or So When The Regulator Fails Again, Because It Will!!

Option 2

Purchase A Sub-Standard Aftermarket Regulator That Will Also Fail, Sometimes Within Days Or Months And Experience The Hassle Of Putting It In Yourself, Hoping You Don’t Break Or Damage Anything. What Fun!

Option 3

Call Us Toll Free! We’ll Come To Your Home Or Office. We Include Installation And/Or Repair Of Most Cars, Trucks And SUV Power Window Regulators And 1 Year Warranties On Parts & Labor! Your Power Window Is Repaired To Your Satisfaction!

Power Window Repair

Power Window Repair is FAMOUS for repairing cable window regulators so they don’t break again. Our proprietary repair of stainless steel and custom metal parts provide a more permanent solution to the inferior OEM and aftermarket replacement parts found on the market today. Over the years, our customers have asked us to repair all kinds of things on their cars, so we continue to offer additional services as we grow. From door handles to lift supports, hydraulic problems with convertible tops to door locks and latches, we’ve got your fix at a price that won’t break your budget. We strive to provide the most affordable power window repairs at prices that can’t be beat!

Our friendly diagnostic technicians will walk you through what’s happening with your vehicle and will get you a quote you can count on! In most cases, we will be able to get you a quote on your very first phone call.


Not In Phoenix Arizona?

Don’t panic! Most of the time we can assist you in finding an affordable repair in your area or you can ship your part to us and we’ll rebuild it! Many clients ship their parts to us from the other side of the country or internationally. We are known for our ingenuity, so don’t hesitate to ask us about anything odd or rare. Call (855) Rolls-Up for additional information!

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"Great great great!! I called last minute, no problem they sent someone out by end of day and truck was done. Both rear windows worked again and for 200$ what a deal. Sorry I waited so long to fix. Great service and great prices….thank you!"− Tammy T. Chandler, AZ

"My wife’s 2003 Jeep Liberty Had the rear passenger and drivers side windows repaired by the dealer five times. Three of the repairs with warrantied, two times out of pocket $$$$$$$$. The dealer put JUNK parts in her doors!!!!!!"

− Pete T. Mesa, AZ

"Great service ,I got my rear power window fixed for only $99, dealer quoted $340 to fix this. The technician from PWR took only 20 mins to fix it. Thank you !!!"

− Ratnesh – Phoenix, AZ

"Audi in Scottsdale wanted $950 to repair my convertible rear window. Power Window Repair did it for somewhere under $400. They also gave me a better warranty which I thought was cool. I will recommend them to anyone I know that needs help now I know there's a company out there that does this!"

− Hannah B - Scottsdale, AZ

"My drivers side power window on my Honda CRV stopped working and it was a pain at drive throughs. I had to open my door and reach around. I had Paul come out and do the work at my house. He did a great job and repaired it for $99 and I am pleased as punch! I heartily recommend"

− Linda L - Phoenix, AZ

"I got two of my windows repaired abou 3 years ago by Paul ad they continue to work great! I have since referred multiple people to this company. thank you!"

− Kayla L. Scottsdale AZ

* Our standard warranty is one year on all parts and labor. Please note that all warranty repair service is done at our shop located near the 202/32nd St intersection in Phoenix. Our repair is intended to be a more permanent solution, therefore we want to be prepared to have everything we need to resolve your problem for good!

**$10-$50 trip charge may apply to customers outside the 101, 202, and I-10 freeway boundaries. Ask about service to your office. That may save your a trip fee if you’re outside our standard service area.

***We start at $99 and go all the way up to $600 depending on the year, make, and model of the vehicle. European, specialty and newer more complex vehicles will cost more. It will still beat any other quote you can find! Ask for a free diagnosis and quote on your vehicle.

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